Perhaps you’re thinking about buying land on which to build your dream house.

Or maybe you already own a little slice of heaven, and now it’s time to build.

Or potentially you already own a home in which you love the location but you want to remodel or renovate it to your current and future needs.

With interest rates so low, financing your land purchase, new custom home or existing home renovation makes a lot of sense. There are many types of loans and financing available depending on your unique situation and desires.   


For more than 10 years, Ben Fisher at Fisher Homes of PA has helped individuals and families purchase and finance land, build new homes, and residential projects. Not only can our team of experienced and professional builders bring your vision for your dream home to fruition, but we can also guide you in securing financing to make it happen. We have worked with many families to determine which financing options are best for them, from loan type to terms to interest rates. We have relationships with local and national lenders and banks.  

To learn more about what to look for and which questions to ask when looking at a property, CLICK NOW to download our free report, Understanding Your Financing Options for Land Purchasing & Your New Custom Home: What You Need to Know In this report, we provide you important guidance as relates to financing.

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